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Orchids Octopi, LLC is a boutique creative agency based in Jacksonville, Florida.

We primarily serve Millennial women of color seeking to complete a new project, improve productivity, increase profits, or develop their confidence. However, we believe that representation matters, and thus, women from all backgrounds deserve to visualize themselves succeeding and thriving.

We are a boutique creative agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate confidence, impactful messaging, and profitable systems.


Sabrina Whittaker is a Digital Marketer and Data Analyst obsessed with journaling, organization, and strategy. She’s also the founder of Orchids Octopi, LLC and creator of Cultivate Your Vibe, a coaching program that combines marketing + mindset concepts to promote professional development and profit.

Marketing + Mindset Coaching
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Launch of Cultivate Your Vibe Summer 2020

Proposal: Next Level Lifestyle
May 2021

Braindumping Challenge
June 2021

Does this sound like you?

You need someone to explain how to plan projects or implement digital marketing concepts so that you can reach BIG GOALs in your life and business.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that generally knows what they want, but struggles with planning and organization.

I’m willing to bet you’re still lost some days, especially when it comes to marketing. As an entrepreneur and mother of two, I understand your pain.

Your entrepreneurial journey deserves guidance based on industry standards and best practices. It’s the easiest, quickest, most cost-effective way to feel confident in your ability to succeed. A little Market Research here, and a little Copywriting there, might be EXACTLY what your business is missing.

Book a Free Consultation with Orchids Octopi, LLC to guarantee you’re minimizing unnecessary risk and heartache.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s low on time and lost on strategy, delay booking at your own risk! How long have you been exactly where you are? Aren’t you ready for a change?

At Orchids Octopi , LLC we understand you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and sick of wasting time. No worries, we don’t particularly appreciate wasting time or energy either.

So let’s get to work!

Why Orchids Octopi, LLC?

You can trust Orchids Octopi, LLC to deliver thoroughly-researched solutions to clients. Our deliverables conform to industry standards for digital marketing, consumer behavior, and concepts associated with minimalism and luxury.

We support our clients in various ways but especially pride ourselves on innovative thinking and project flexibility.

By definition, a boutique creative agency is a small agency that offers customized services.
We specialize in business analysis and marketing.

Don’t leave things to chance when building the foundational systems of your business.

Book the experienced agency backed by nearly a decade of corporate experience, marketing certifications, and membership with the American Marketing Association.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

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Sabrina Whittaker serves clients as a Marketing Consultant, Mindset Coach, and Copywriter. Her entrepreneurial journey is a multi-passionate pastiche focusing on goal-setting, productivity, marketing, technology, consumer behavior, sociocultural issues, and more…

Sabrina Whittaker is based in Jacksonville, Florida, where she studies Marketing and works as a Business, Data, and Operations Analyst.

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