Geordann Daniels is the creator of the podcast, White Sheet Confessionals. She is a writer, speaker, and content creator. Her work is centered around the idea that YOU are in control of what happens next. She believes that healing begins with a conversation, followed by careful deliberation about what happens next. Geordann values careful planning, preparedness, sourcing inspiration from real life, and community. In her spare time, she is most likely to be tied up in an arts and crafts project with her daughter.

White Sheet Confessionals is a new and upcoming podcast dedicated to holistic wellness, but with a special focus on social + emotional wellness.

Sabrina Whittaker is the creator of Cultivate Your Vibe, a coaching program that uniquely blends marketing + mindset to inspire women to chase their dreams. She specializes in digital marketing, data analytics, business analysis, and strategy. Come to her for help with goal-setting, brainstorming, social media strategy, organization, consumer behavior, or assistance finding time in your schedule for self-care. When Sabrina isn’t talking about marketing or technology (or taking care of her family), she’s most often researching social, cultural, or political history… or lounging at home, writing.

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A joint effort between Sabrina Whittaker and Geordann Daniels to address all of the marketing + mindset needs of women. We’ll focus on addressing topics relevant to YOU such as travel, culture, economics, wellness, food, consumer behavior, and music.

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