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Free Training: Big Goal Energy

You need a framework for growth, motivation to complete goals, time to analyze your experiences, and the wisdom to take breaks and seek inspiration.   How is one woman supposed to figure all of this out on her own? Don't worry, you don't have to. Using a repeatable framework, I help ready people create a strategy for pursuing growth.  

Leverage Your Time & Skills Become a Productivity Expert Today!

  In this 60 minute training, we go over how to get into the mindset you'll need to reach your biggest dreams.  

What You'll Learn

Step one is to Think about ALL the Limiting Beliefs that might be holding you back.  

How to Define Your WHY

How to Figure Out What to Focus on

How to Break Up With Your Limiting Beliefs

How to Meaure Personal Growth

Your Speaker: Sabrina Whittaker

Sabrina is a Marketing expert that specializes in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. With nearly a decade of experience in Information Technology, and having led a career centered around problem solving and risk management, she is uniquely qualified to teach you about goal-setting, productivity, and taking action. 
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