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We are a boutique creative agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate confidence, impactful messaging, and profitable systems.

Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

“Our chat reignited my creative brainstorming, and I’ve made good progress in further defining my target audience and carving out a better-defined niche.”

M. Gonzalez

An Elevator Pitch of Sorts

Hey! My name is Sabrina Whittaker. I’m a Digital Marketer and Data Analyst obsessed with journaling, organization, and strategy. I’m also the founder of Orchids Octopi, LLC and creator of Cultivate Your Vibe, a coaching program that combines marketing + mindset concepts to promote professional development and profit.

Orchids Octopi, LLC is a boutique creative agency based in Jacksonville, Florida.

We primarily serve Millennial women of color seeking to complete a new project, improve productivity, increase profits, or develop their confidence. However, we believe that representation matters, and thus, women from all backgrounds deserve to visualize themselves succeeding and thriving.

Cultivate Your Vibe is Sabrina Whittaker’s premier coaching program, and it is unlike any other.
Cultivate Your Vibe combines business analysis, digital marketing strategy, and sociocultural concerns to create a holistic coaching experience that assists entrepreneurs with making better decisions (and more money!) in less time.

Providing a premium experience to our clients is one of our top priorities. Rest assured, we’re an organization dedicated to growth, honesty, and
productivity. Your feedback is integral to our processes and is considered during the development of products and services.

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Need written content for your blog, website, or social media?

Our editors offer high-end copywriting services to entrepreneurs seeking to clearly, concisely, and effectively deliver their brand’s message.

Marketing Strategy

Are you working yourself to the bone with minimal results?

It would help if you had a better strategy for growing your business. As a boutique creative agency Orchids Octopi, LLC delivers customized marketing strategies.

We assist businesses with promoting and selling their products/services using social media, blogging, and other digital marketing efforts.

Mindset Coaching

Orchids Octopi, LLC goes beyond traditional mindset coaching techniques to teach entrepreneurs how to use mindsets, or schemas, as tools for managing the systems that support their life and business.

We recommend investing in your knowledge of schemas and perspectives because it gives entrepreneurs a unique advantage when communicating with their audience

Talking to and planning with Sabrina has been some of the best time I’ve spent! The tools and advice she gives make it so easy for me to accomplish what I set out to do in my business.

G. Daniels

Why Orchids Octopi, LLC?

You can trust Orchids Octopi, LLC to deliver thoroughly-researched solutions to clients. Our deliverables conform to industry standards for digital marketing, consumer behavior, and concepts associated with minimalism and luxury.

We support our clients in various ways but especially pride ourselves on innovative thinking and project flexibility.

By definition, a boutique creative agency is a small agency that offers customized services.
We specialize in business analysis and marketing.

Don’t leave things to chance when building the foundational systems of your business.

Book the experienced agency backed by nearly a decade of corporate experience, marketing certifications, and membership with the American Marketing Association.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sabrina has helped me pave the road to success by creating a personalized course for my specific blogging needs. […] I’ve learned better habits, maintained a [content] schedule for my blog, and organized my life as a mom.

She always tells me “Later is not a real time”. Working with Sabrina has brought joy and continues to bring success.

Samantha P.
Food Blogger

Working with Sabrina has been such an amazing experience! She motivates me to be better within my business! She is also a breath of fresh air! She radiates so much positivity when I am around her! She’s very knowledgeable, relatable & HIGHLY dependable! I love working with Sabrina & I trust her expertise when it comes to developing my business!

Ava M.

Sabrina’s enthusiasm to help/teach other businesswomen to create and grow their dreams of a successful business is truly motivating.

All in all, a great coach! Her content is raw and insightful. You can see her willingness and expertise through the words she speaks.

Berennice R.
Sales Manager

Sabrina is passionate about helping others bring their vision to life. An organizational guru, if you will.

She’s kind, patient, and an overall great voice of reaon.

By offering insightful POVs, she provides a service incomparable to others in her field.

Leighanna L.

Sabrina is self-motivated and gives GREAT advice! I love her energy and versatility.

I would describe her as youthful, energetic, and bright; she oozes positivity. More importantly, she’s easy to work with and always has something constructive to add to the conversation.

One moment she’s helping you start a business, and the next, she’s encouraging you to love yourself. She’s truly a breath of fresh air!

Monique G.
IT Specialist

Her content is some of the best I’ve seen. Sabrina’s palette feels high-end and gives a sense of calm and authority.

I’ve worked on a couple of [lead generation offers] for other coaches, and they’re nothing like [Sabrina’s work].

I love that she focuses on writing and journaling. Her content is authentic and so, so good! It doesn’t feel “woo”; it speaks to me.

Melissa P.
Audio/Video Editor

Common Client Concerns

What’s the secret to balancing your social, home, work, and entrepreneurial lives with one another?

For the multi-tasking creative, tools and systems make the world go-’round. You should know by now; it takes hard work and dedication to uphold your responsibilities and care for those around you. Sabrina Whittaker’s premier coaching program, Cultivate Your Vibe, teaches entrepreneurs to create a solid foundation for their business through research, analysis, and systems.

The bottom line is, without systems, your environment begins to decay. Cultivate Your Vibe teaches entrepreneurs how to manipulate tools and systems to grow their businesses.

How do you shift your mood, energy, and focus from work to relaxation?

Shifting your mood is a matter of interpreting stimuli and regulating responses. Digital Guides like our Habit Tracker or Braindumping Challenge help clients increase mindfulness, identify reoccurring themes, and create routines conducive to work or relaxation, as applicable.

How do you solve issues with motivation?

A lack of motivation could stem from many areas.

Here at Orchids Octopi, LLC, we focus on creativity, goal-setting, and time management. If you don’t know how to spend your time or execute a project, stick around, this may be just the creative agency for you.

Using behavioral science concepts, we also help clients regain motivation by calculating and amplifying their impact—Humans tend to work harder when they know they’re helpful.

Focus on what you’re good at and consider delegating marketing tasks to us. It’s what we’re good at.

What’s the best digital marketing strategy for my business?

The best digital marketing strategy for your business clearly supports your project objectives and company goals. Ideally, such a strategy would include SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Actionable (Attainable), Relevant, and Timely. We recommend booking a Free Consultation to discuss the best options for your next marketing campaign.

What’s the best way to spend my time + energy for maximum productivity? ( How do you make the most of your time?)

This is a loaded question with many answers.

Maximizing productivity requires a delicate balance between activity and breaks. Mindfulness practices improve our focus during activities and help protect our time and energy from distractions. Orchids Octopi, LLC recommends investing in guides, consulting, or freelance creatives to minimize mistakes along the way. Once you’re comfortable moving forward, automate repetitive tasks and select a new focus.

How should you plan your mornings if you’re the mom of young children?

It’s all about scheduling your needs, responsibilities, and most-dreaded (but beneficial) tasks first. The specifics will depend on your lifestyle and goals. We recommend booking a Free Consultation to discuss your stressors and pain points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to “Cultivate Your Vibe”?

Cultivate Your Vibe is Sabrina Whittaker’s premiere coaching program. It’s designed to encourage creativity, goal-setting, and time management. Within the program, you are provided with marketing + mindset coaching, videos, workbooks, and more!

Who do you help, and what’s the benefit of working with you?

Orchids Octopi, LLC serves entrepreneurs and creatives.

We primarily serve Millennial women of color seeking to complete a new project, improve productivity, increase profits, or develop their confidence. However, we believe that representation matters, and thus, women from all backgrounds deserve to visualize themselves succeeding and thriving.

Hiring our agency will allow you to focus on what you’re good at while we’re busy creating plans to scale your business quickly and generate more sales. Plus, did we mention the superior quality you get from outsourcing to a digital marketing specialist?

Why is marketing strategy important?

Marketing strategy can make or break an operation.

Consider this:
Marketing can be summarized as the activities and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for your clients and society at large. Without a strategy for HOW to create, communicate, deliver, or exchange, you’re essentially taking shots in the dark and flushing your time and money down the drain.

Your results will be inconsistent, and so will your cash flow.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to start a project with Orchids Octopi, LLC -or- submit any lingering questions you may have.

What is copywriting? How can it help my business?

Copywriting consists of writing text for marketing and advertising. The written content, or “copy,” aims to increase brand awareness and create persuasive calls to action. Someone that delivers marketing ideas and messages is called a copywriter.

Copywriters deliver marketing ideas and messages by creating blogs, brochures, advertisements, social media posts, and other forms of marketing communication.

Do you supply clients with planners and journals?

We supply coaching clients with digital guides at no additional charge. However, clients are expected to maintain their own record-keeping system. If you’re in the market for a new planner or journal, visit the shop.

I’m ready! Where can I purchase services?

Congratulations on taking this step in your journey!

It’s important to invest in yourself and your business. Neither people nor businesses grow on their own. Growth requires clarity, dedication, and follow-through. I’m proud of you.

Book Coaching, Market Research, or Copywriting -or- Request a Free Consultation.

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