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Cultivate Your Vibe is Sabrina Whittaker’s premiere coaching program. Ready to achieve more?

Sabrina Whittaker specializes in digital marketing, data analytics, business analysis, and strategy. Come to her for help with goal-setting, brainstorming, social media strategy, organization, consumer behavior, or assistance finding time in your schedule for self-care.

When Sabrina isn’t talking about marketing or technology, she’s most often researching social, cultural, or political history… or lounging at home, writing.

Cultivate Your Vibe is Sabrina Whittaker’s premiere coaching program and it is unlike any other. It combines time + energy management, strategic thinking, and sociocultural concerns to create a more holistic coaching experience that assists busy women and entrepreneurs with all of their marketing + mindset needs.

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You’re a great candidate for coaching if…

You need someone to explain how to plan your projects or implement digital marketing concepts so that you can reach BIG GOALs in your life and business.

Maybe you’re a busy woman or entrepreneur that’s figured out what she wants to do, but you need help refining your plans. I’m willing to bet you’re still lost some days, especially when it comes to digital marketing. As an entrepreneur and mother of two, I understand your pain. You need guidance based on industry standards and best practices to feel confident you’re minimizing unnecessary risk and heartache. No worries, I don’t like wasting time or energy either. Let’s get to work!

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Book NOW if you Google things like…

  • What’s the secret to balancing your social, home, work, and entrepreneurial lives with one another?
  • How do you shift your mood, energy, and focus from work to relaxation.
  • How do you solve issues with motivation?
  • What’s the best digital marketing strategy for my business?

  • What’s the best way to spend my time + energy for maximum productivity?

  • How should you plan your mornings if you’re the mom of young children?
  • How do you make the most of your time?

Take the first step of booking a free consultation to begin working with a marketing consultant and data analyst to identity gaps in your current strategy. You’ll solve problems faster, gain access to marketing research and analysis, and improve your lifestyle with BONUS sessions focused on self-care, mental wellness (and of course) journaling!

“Our chat reignited my creative brainstorming and I’ve made good progress in further defining my target audience and carving out a better defined niche.”

M. Gonzalez

There’s no amount of natural talent that can compete with a good plan.
So book coaching with Sabrina if you’re looking for help reaching your personal and professional goals.

Why not use this link to book a FREE consultation?

What’s the point of coaching?

Imagine a better you. What might that look like?

The reality is, it takes time to develop a skill and even longer to develop confidence.

Coaching allows you to skip hours of researching on Google without ever being sure if you can trust the source. It gives you access to an industry expert and provides answers to your most burning questions about marketing and the entrepreneurial mindset.

The biggest benefit of coaching is the time + energy you’ll save, but the built-in benefit of having an accountability partner with a background in business and technology can’t be understated. 😅

It’s basically a no-brainer.

As a busy woman and entrepreneur, you’ve already got enough on your plate, from societal expectations to project deadlines; I’m sure you’re already exhausted.

Why not let a coach guide you along the way so you can reach your goals faster and without the overwhelm.

Talking to and planning with Sabrina has been some of the best time I’ve spent! The tools and advice she gives make it so easy for me to accomplish what I set out to do in my business.

G. Daniels


What does it mean to “Cultivate Your Vibe”?

Cultivate Your Vibe is my signature coaching program. It is designed to encourage authenticity, positivity, goal-setting, and action-taking. Within the program, I provide marketing + mindset coaching, and more.

Who do you help and what’s the benefit of working with you?

I specialize in helping busy women like you take control of their time by teaching them to:

– step into the growth-mindset
– develop goal-setting strategies
– set boundaries and focus

I also provide marketing consultations and strategy-oriented coaching sessions

Why is that beneficial to me?

Cultivating a growth mindset while emphasizing the importance of strategy will allow you to reach bigger goals. The bigger the goal, the more intentional you need to be.

Whatever your goal may be, it’s important to practice self-care so that you don’t run into burnout. My work addresses these points.

How do I stay on-track?

Replace mind-numbing activities rooted in procrastination and avoidance with content that inspires you to grow as a person or take action. Find an accountability partner and take things one step at a time.

Easier said than done, but that’s what coaches are for.

What if I’m still having issues finding and pursuing purpose?

Try starting conversations with new people. Pose a question in the Facebook group or comment on one of my Instagram posts for help. I love making new friends.

I’m ready! Where do I buy? When can I start?

All of my services are available for purchase now!

Custom Planner or Guide Creation
  • Choose from:
  • Digital Guide Creation
  • Physical Planner Creation
  • Service Includes*:
  • Establishing Client Baseline
  • Determining Client Requirements
  • Meeting Outline or Client Proposal
  • Digital Guide or Physical Planner
  • Follow-up to Confirm Results
  • (* some smaller projects won’t require every step)
Marketing + Mindset Coaching Session
  • Choose from:
  • Strategy Oriented Business Planning
  • Lifestyle Oriented Goal Setting/ Planning
    Digital Marketing Consultation
  • Project Brainstorming
  • Service Includes:
  • 60min 1:1 session
  • Optional:
  • Coaching Workbook

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