Why Self-Care is Important for Busy Women and Would-be Entrepreneurs

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Hi. I’m Sabrina, and I want to share a bit of myself with you. I’m obsessed with self-care and the growth mindset. They’re my two favorite things and I love talking about them.  

As a student of marketing and data analytics I love studying the wants of needs of people. Self-care often gets this bad rap as somewhat of a luxury, but the truth is: we need to start looking at self-care as a necessity. Burnout exists because we confuse required rest with a rewarded break.  

I teach mindset coaching and goal-setting to busy women and aspiring entrepreneurs so I have a pretty good idea of what burnout looks like. Ambitious women have a nasty habit of ignoring their basic needs to get the job done. Late nights, long hours, and a brain that “won’t turn off”.  
Yep. Been there. Done that. 
We’ve got to recognize that taking time for yourself is not selfish, in fact it is the exact opposite. Taking breaks as necessary means you’re always at the top of your game. You give your very best to those around you because you live a life of intentionality and focus. Your inspiring energy allows you to positively impact the world by having the courage and the motivation to join the conversations you care about most. 

This all starts with a positive mindset and a belief that you are: 

  • Worth the effort 
  • Worth the challenges 
  • Worth the money 
  • Worth the life you’ve always dreamed of 

So let’s explore some of the benefits of self-care and why you quite literally can’t afford to ignore this area of your life. 

Self-care tip, no. 1.  

Dedicate the first twenty minutes or so of your morning to yourself. No Instagram. No emails. No making breakfast for the family. The first twenty minutes of your day are YOURS. 

Why you can’t live without it, no. 1 

You can’t live without this tip because those first few dreamy minutes after you wake up set the tone for the rest of your day.  

Do a thought exercise with me. If you wake up to bad news or are frightened soon after waking up, you’ll feel rattled for hours, but if you wake up to gratitude, stillness, and focus, you’ll be more productive that day. Take a moment to dwell on that while you read the rest of this article. 

Self-care tip, no. 2.  

Make Food a No-Brainer. Plan your meals ahead of time to increase your intake of healthy food and avoid crashes from sugar. Click here for a few tips on meal-prepping from a busy, young woman like you! Beline knows all about cutting down the time spent on food. 

Why you can’t live without it, no. 2 

Maybe it’s the technology background in me, maybe it’s the analyst in me…  

But you need to consider automating repetitive processes in your life. Ask yourself. Is this a constant thing? Am I always solving this problem in virtually the exact same way? I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I’m talking about automating the acquiring, prepping, and cooking of food. Every person needs to eat. You know that you’ll need to eat again soon. Stop waiting energy trying to figure out what’s for dinner when you can make that decision for the entire week ahead of time. The extreme that you go to is up to you, but at the very least, I recommend knowing what you’re going to do for food between grocery trips. Are you cooking? Are you going to brunch? Are you having leftovers? It’s a great idea to figure that out. 

Self-care tip, no. 3.  

Wash your face. 

Why you can’t live without it, no. 3 

Whether you’re a creative director or a corporate leader, you probably wear makeup on your Zoom calls, during photoshoots, or just for fun. Even if you’re not that kinda woman, your face builds up dead skin and oil through processes such as aging, sun-exposure, and improper cleaning practices. 
Personally, I invest in making my skincare routine both healthy and relaxing because I know the benefit of a good investment. A little time, effort, and resources now tend to have a multiplicative effort. 

This doesn’t just apply to washing your face; it extends to anything you are willing to invest in. Why not then, invest in yourself?  When I wash my face, I think about washing myself of the toxicity and negativity of this world. I feel renewed in my ability to create the future I want. It reminds me that I am worth being taken care of, and I am worthy of investing in.  
Whether you take time to do small things like wake up twenty minutes earlier for joy, plan a little further ahead, or invest in yourself sending a glaring message to the world.  
I love that you’ve stayed to the end of this article with me. These are tips that I use in my everyday life. I hope you find them helpful.  

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And don’t forget to visit Beline’s Blog for an article on meal-prepping. She’s gonna walk you through how to implement self-care tip no. 2, make food a no-brainer. 

I hope this helps you cultivate wellness, productivity, and a vibe you’re motivated to maintain. 

Love, Sabrina Whittaker  

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