3 Messages Bigger than Art or Validity

Can we talk about confidence, fear, and art, real quick?

“Considering how little we know, the confidence we have in our beliefs is preposterous – and it is also essential.”

Daniel Kahneman

Confidence and fear are strangely essential. Seriously.

One represents belief in yourself, while the other recognizes potential danger. Both are essential.

I would argue that at no other point is either feeling more evident than when viewing, creating, or sharing art.

You may have guessed that I’m a fan of orchids. Big surprise. : )

You may have also guessed how excited I was to get my hands on this art from photowall.

I mean, I took birthday pictures with it… neutral aesthetics are my weakness.

Yaaasss!!! Ahem* That’s not what I’m writing about today though…

Why is art important?

“If you feel insignificant, you better think again

Better wake up because you’re part of something way bigger”

Bigger by Beyoncé

Why is art important?
Here’s three honest thoughts inspired by this beautiful piece entitled “Orchidee – Sepia”.

TLDR; basically

  • 1. Some rules or laws predate our current belief systems and thus don’t facilitate growth. Art allows us to reimagine ourselves as something more.
  • 2. Nothing in this life has meaning until you assign it such, meaning symbolism and the interpretation of art are subjective. This teaches us to make room for multiple perspectives.
  • 3. In the words of Daniel Kahneman, as written in his masterpiece Thinking Fast and Slow,
    “declarations of high confidence mainly tell you that an individual has constructed a coherent story in his mind, not necessarily that the story is true”.

Art in it’s infinite possibilities reveals the flaws in our individual understandings of the world.
We need each other’s differences.


Photo of Orchidee – Sepia
Item number: e19502
Added a link so you could find art of your own!

To be VALID feels right.

If you were to ask Merriam-Webster, they’d say that validity is the state of being legally or officially binding or acceptable. You might also say that it is the quality of being logically or factually sound.
The concept of validity has ruled much of my life, and probably yours too.

It has always been important for me to make a name for myself, “correctly”.

When I was younger, “correctly” meant that I favored minimizing parts of myself to promote the comfort of others as opposed to sharing more of myself. In fact, I was mostly sure that my identity, my culture, and my use of language was something to be ashamed of. For most of this country’s history, being too “black” was a death sentence. Always socially; sometimes physically. Logically, the right way to do things was to behave like the other three-fourths of the country.

Fast forward to twenty-twenty (2020) and all those minor impulses to:

  • correct persons that tried to correct my purposeful, artful use of the AAVE dialect while speaking,
  • and share with them (what feels to be) stories from an entirely different world,

    …have grown into a full-blown call to action.

I need to speak up because making others comfortable at the expense of your own comfort doesn’t actually help anyone.

Be yourself; Cultivate Your Vibe; USE YOUR VOICE to invoke change where it is needed, and let art be the medium by which you express yourself.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”


Confidence doesn’t make you right, but it does make you take action.

Instead of blindly following the rules, ask yourself: who made these rules and what gives them more authority than me?

You’ll likely realize no one is born more or less capable of inspiring change.

When anyone other than the dictionary defines validity or law for you, remember that they are living, breathing humans driven by purpose and their unique perspective; JUST LIKE YOU!
Perhaps they’ve lived a life you wouldn’t understand, or vice-versa.
Maybe the story they’ve lived has sufficiently convinced them of their imperfect viewpoint, and they need you to show them otherwise.

Would it then not be your duty to spread your message?
..to fill in your knowledge gaps, and theirs, for the purposes of arriving at a better future?

You’d be forced to define and speak your truth, AND be confident about it.

It would become super important to speak for those that were too weak to speak for themselves.
It would be in part for your personal benefit, but more importantly, it would contribute to humanity’s progress.


maybe confidence and validity aren’t standing truths,
they’re more like guides and they’re super important – necessary even,
but they are not the end-all.

They are, simply-put, what push us towards taking action.

I’m sure you’ve heard: “If you don’t believe in what you do, no one else will”.

A canvas portrait of an orchid plant displayed in sepia may mean nothing to you,
or it may be symbolic of the love and luxury you dreamed of having as child or the strength you had to develop to give yourself a shot at growing up.
(and maybe that octopus tattoo on your wrist represents the intelligence, flexibility, and vision you developed along the way)

What I’m trying to say is…

Culture matters.

Humanity matters.

Wellness matters

An obsession with perfection or correctness does not matter. In fact, it’s detrimental to our growth as human beings.
We are different for a reason. The marriage of art and logic as you make progress towards your goals makes for your best chance at success.

I’ve always loved the idea that LIFE IMITATES ART IMITATES LIFE.

It is well within my mission to encourage you to be educated and inspired by both the simplicity and complexity of art.

Instead of separating creative and analytical thinking, we ought work to become more aware of when each problem solving strategy is most applicable. As a student of marketing and data analytics, a professional working as a business, data, and operations analyst, and also as a mother of two children with widely varying personality traits, believe me when I say you will be better for making the mindset shift.

Art’s impact on wellness is undeniable.

So if you don’t feel comfortable creating something, then I urge you to purchase and hang art in your dwelling space.

If you want quality art that speaks to you, I sincerely recommend you give photowall a look.

They care about the quality of others’ experiences,
They understand the benefit of merging a technical background with thoughtful design,
They’re dedicated to minimizing all and any environmental impact, (about 5,000 trees planted every year!)

and let’s be honest…

They got this stunning canvas print to me in a timely manner. (big check for me!)

If by chance you decide to buy, use my 25% off code: orchidsoctopi25
(it must be all lower-case to work!)

As always, I hope this helps, daydreamers! – Sabrina Whittaker

Author: Orchids.Octopi

Sabrina Whittaker is a Marketing Expert specializing in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. She possesses nearly a decade of experience in technology and analysis. You can trust her to help you solve the goal-setting, planning, or organizational issues within your social media marketing plan.

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