Quick Five Step Guide to Being Unbothered

Hey y’all, It’s Sabrina. Let’s talk about confidence. It’s a whole vibe.

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Thank you soooo much for the support you’ve provided so far. As promised, I wanted to provide a blog post to accompany the video I released a few weeks ago.

I hope you’ll forgive me for the delay, I was devasted by Chadwick Boseman’s death. He was an inspiration of mine, and I mentioned a character of his while filming.

Wrapped up in a video about washing your face, you’ll find an attempt at creative expression and a whole lotta sass. The long and short of it is that being uncomfortable with myself never got me anywhere I was tryna go, but because I’m dramatic… you also get a self-care video.

Here’s a taste of #CultivateYourVibe in the form of a
Quick Five Step Guide to Being Unbothered

Step 1. Wash YOUR Face:

Wash away all surface-level impurities such as self-doubt, perfectionism, worries, anxieties, and fears.

Fears that you’re not pretty enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough not thick enough, not good enough.

These sorts of dirt and grime don’t serve us. They cause breakouts and are responsible for undesirable blemishes. Don’t let breakouts ruin your confidence. Be unbothered af.

I use Drunk Elephant no 9 to wash my face, but you can use any face wash that works for your skin. While you’re scrubbing, Remember! Don’t get sucked into the emotions of others. YOU are in control of defining who you are and what you stand for. So wash your face. Remove allat.

Step 2. Apply Mask:

Now we’re going to dig deep with a mask. Remove the people in your life that challenge your purpose and identity.

For example, if you’re a brown skinned beauty like me, don’t let other people define your blackness.

Blackness is the fact or state of belonging to any human group having dark-colored skin. It does not mean poor.

It does not mean uneducated; it does not mean unworthy.

It applies to Kamala Harris, it applies to Meghan Markle, Alicia Keys, and even Rashida Jones. This applies to Queens of all shades though.

Purpose and Identity are yours and yours alone to define, nurture… and dare I say, cultivate. Leave your mask on long enough to remove any deep-set ideologies that confine you to a typecast role.

You are worth more that they could ever imagine.
Their insecurities shine through their criticism of you.
You’re wonderful and you’re working on yourself right now.

Step 3. Remove Mask:

The time has come to remove your mask… and I don’t mean your GlamGlow charcoal mask.
Remove any mask that hides your

– natural born beauty,
– intelligence, or
– ability to manifest the life you want.

The life you choose.

Choose wellness. Choose happiness. Choose Confidence.

…and I’m gonna be honest. It’s not gonna be good vibes only,

sometimes there’ll be bad vibes, but we won’t stay there.

We won’t dwell in that.

We won’t hide behind

– the masks given to us by our parents.
– the masks given to us by our social groups.
– the masks given to us by our friends.

To whomever may have told you that you were less than…

None of that. We don’t do that here. Word to T’Challa

In case you’ve forgotten for a moment.
We are unbothered by those that challenge our purpose.

Step 4. Add Serum:

Now we’re going in with a Serum.

I like to use an extra special serum for my eyes, because I’m always tired from working hard to take care of my family, further my education, and ultimately dismantle systems of oppression…

But you can take your own path to add back in the nutrients and love that your skin needs. I’m using Chanel’s HydraBeauty line but complete this step in any way that feels comfortable for you.

Serums are powerful additions to any beauty routine.
Whether it be hydrating, anti-aging, or anti-patriarchal, using a serum helps removes fine line and accentuates the drop-dead gorgeous features you were born with. Serums are the peak of cultivation because their potent and dedicated to their purpose, which is to improve conditions. The underlying purpose of everything I do is to improve the conditions of someone or something.

To Cultivate is to try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill). Maybe Skin. Maybe Self-Esteem. Maybe Confidence. Maybe Knowledge, Maybe Skill

Step 5. Finish up with Moisturizer:

Be-YOU-tiful. Be Yourself. Be Dewy. Be Present. Pursue Growth and Cultivate YOUR Vibe!
And if the language I’m using throws you off a bit, here’s another definition.

A Vibe is a person’s emotional state, or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

Which means,
Your vibe HAS to be authentic and it HAS to be paired with confidence and sincerity so that it can be felt by others. You are unbothered by what competitors may be working on because you are a whole vibe by yourself.

When you walk into a room, you are Beyonce, okay?

They don’t have to like your music. They don’t have to like your style.

It’s because they know who you are, what you stand for, and who NOT to play with. (We not playin’ these games today!)

So I’m sooo glad that we’ve made it to the end of this cleansing. I’m so glad that you’ve rid yourself of all those negative vibes.

Even better, you’ve replaced them with things that contribute to you, better you, bring joy to YOU.

We may be on to something.

Stay Hydrated. Stay Motivated. Stay Growing

As always I hope all is well, and if not, that’s okay. (Just don’t stay there.)

In conclusion, wash your face and boss up, love.

You’re unbothered af.

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