We’re getting cute because I said so.

Okay, y’all… maybe that was a little aggressive, but I’m sick of working and studying in ripped yoga pants and the over-sized tees I’ve stolen over the years.

I’m gonna do it. I’m going to get dressed… and I can prove my dedication. I’ve ordered new hair tools from Dyson, new makeup from MAC, I’ve got a fancy new robe from my fiance with my new monogram on it.

Okay, the last one doesn’t serve my purpose, but honestly it’s for me to wear all the other days when I don’t feel like wearing clothes.


Truly, this may turn into a disaster, but I’m going to put it on video for you anyway. Let me know how you feel about it when I’m done.

Tell ya’ franz.

Author: Orchids.Octopi

I'm a student, mother, and professional obsessed with books, coffee, breakfast, and the rain. I play vinyls when I'm anxious and I'm not so secretly stuck in the grunge era. I do my best to spend each and every day of my life becoming the absolute best version of myself and I fail at it often and completely. Knowledge and self improvement motivate me to face my anxious, depressive, impulsive, self-destructive habits... so, with my friends at my side and my future ahead of me, I plan to share the things that motivate me to get out of bed and on the path to greatness.

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