Oh dear, I’m late.

I’m going to buy this Dyson.

Me, like a few minutes ago.

Instead of studying or researching marketing and business, I opted to buy this really sick looking Dyson Airwrap Complete. My homework is overdue, I’m falling behind on personal projects, and I need more wine…
but this impulse buy will probably, definitely fix all of those things.

So why did I name the post “Oh dear, I’m late”, but then start talking about hair tools?

Because despite spending nearly every second at home, somehow I have fallen behind in my studies. I have so much to do that instead of starting I take stress naps. I own several Happy Planners… this should have never happened; I have so many stickers. I made a vision board for 2020.
*soft weeping*
To give myself the motivation I need to finish my assignments, I’m going to work my a** off for the next few days so I can use my new styling tool without guilt.

Getting dressed up to visit the living room just doesn’t hit the same when you’ve got things to do. Ya’ feel me? Yea. You do.


From what I understand about this strange magic, it should help me, a complete klutz, curl my hair. Dyson explains that it works by harnessing “a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect to curl, wave, and smooth hair – with no extreme heat”. To which I initially replied: physics is way cool, but would that be difficult to replicate? Turns out, probably not. We’ll see in a few days when I get it in the mail. I’ll make sure to record it for you guys and post to YouTube. I will say however, I have high hopes.

I’ll give you guys another heads up when it arrives. : )
Let me know how well it goes (or doesn’t).

Source: https://www.dyson.com/hair-care/dyson-airwrap-styler-complete-black-purple.html

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