Productivity during a Plague

Hey y’all.

I’m writing from my desk where I’m cycling between looking out the window to admire the thunderstorm outside, and getting work done. I have a few thoughts about the current circumstances, but I’ll focus on my favorite, positive take: now is an opportunity to work on myself.

Working on yourself can take any form you want it to. Some days it materializes in the form of false lashes and curling irons; other days it’s catching up on reading, projects, and to-do lists. Balance.

Personally, I’ve been finishing up five more courses towards my degree THAT ARE ALL ONLINE NOW and being run drastically differently from how I initially planned things, homeschooling two children, moving into a new home (because my lease expiration conveniently fell during the apocalypse), rescheduling a wedding, and seven hundred other things.

I could scream; I’m so tired!

Which brings me to my point. It’s admirable if you’re cranking out a million tasks per day, but it’s also really cool if you’ve re-watched your favorite shows twelve times already. Go you. You never get time for that anymore!

There’s no universal plague reaction for humans. It is to be expected that various persons might process this trauma differently. I recommend you do the things that make you happy during this time.
Remember how grateful you are for your family and friends.
Revisit animes; stream videogames; plan projects; organize your bookshelves; paint sunsets; write short-stories; get certified; run a mile, relive the most compelling adventures from your favorite novel;
or DON’T.
Whatever works…
IMO, that’s the most productive thing you could be doing during a plague.

Author: Orchids.Octopi

Sabrina Whittaker is a Marketing Expert specializing in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. She possesses nearly a decade of experience in technology and analysis. You can trust her to help you solve the goal-setting, planning, or organizational issues within your social media marketing plan.

2 thoughts on “Productivity during a Plague

  1. The Mindful Modus says:

    Self-care. I started crocheting bralettes as my daytime activity and have been binge watching the Detective Conan anime at night. Stressful moments call for a lot of self-care activities to keep us sane. Thank you for sharing this. Stay safe!

    1. Orchids.Octopi says:

      Thank you for your feedback! I totally feel the same way. Self care is the most important thing for me right now. The real struggle is figuring out how to balance high-productivity with getting some extra rest. Also, I’ve been way into anime too, but mostly just rewatching old ones like Tenchi. 🥰


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